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Hi there, I’m Alex.

I often go by the name penmonkeyal as a pseudonym. How did I get the name. Well I nicked it from the Author Chuck Wendig who has been a major inspiration in me doing this. If you get a moment go check out his blog. The term penmonkey can be defined in many ways but the words that stood out to me the most are as follows and I quote:

Penmonkeys Love To Write, Not To Get Published

This is easy enough: the writer’s goal should be to get published, but the writer’s love should be of writing. Too many writers are in love with the idea of writing-to-be-published and too few are in love with the act of writing. But tried-and-true penmonkeys love the craft, the act, the actual telling-of-stories.

They care about publishing. But they love to be writing.

You can read the full blog post Here

I’m here because I love to write and I have lost touch with that love.
I’m here to find it again and fuck it into submission. Sooooo…
Hi. I’m Alex. I’m 27 I’m a barista at my local starbucks and I love writing, video games and code.
Welcome to my wacky world.